Show me how many caves do we face?

As I begin my 1st write-up in this blogging journey, I wondered that what I shall write about. We mostly face this as we think about creative writing or even anything remotely connected to written communication (be it personal or even professional letters). Few face problems with choice of words to style of writing to the subject or topic of discussion. The moment a writer faces loads of questions in his mind, that’s when he/she has two choices to make. Don’t worry, its no rocket science to figure that out. It’s either to write or not to write. That’s it.

But as chose to write up, I found many topics worthwhile being a topic of discussion. Thanks to many news makers and many things happening in the world, this entire space of wordpress and other blogging sites would filled with one or the other topic under this bloody sky to be spoken about.

Now, having given my opening for over two paragraphs, lets move to the topic I have chosen to speak about before you guys scan my location to belt my skin out.  “Civilization is the encouragement of differences” – some great world leader who went to the books of history fighting for our freedom in the last century said. But sir, with all respect to you and your great vision, this statement doesn’t hold true in today’s era.

It can be noticed from the name of a child, to the religion followed, to the gender equality, to the food consumed, to the cleanliness drive, to the astrological signs, to the political ideologies, to the profession you pursue, to the name of a city, to the language spoken, and so on and so forth, the differences are diverse in various categories in our society.

If somebody shows religion equality in a film or a play or a book he/she is targeted and maybe also his/her property would be gutted, if somebody has to tickle your funny ribs then he/she faces the “roast” in every literal sense, if somebody has to call your city name which he/she is used to for over years to something the political parties have changed to their vested interests then the person faces the brunt from those regional fanatic bones.

These days even expressions can raise eyebrows on faces. Just like, the recently concluded Republic Day parade which was a cynosure to the eyes of a billion countrymen across the globe as the President of United States of America was gracing the occasion for the first time and in fact it was the first time it was the first time any President of United States had graced an occasion of pride in our country. Right from the moment, Mr.Barack H. Obama, President of United States and the First Lady, Mrs.Michelle Obama touched down at the Indira Gandhi International Airport, in New Delhi on their extremely secured Air Force One, they made news for several reasons. Right from our Prime Minister, Mr.Narendra D. Modi breaking the protocol to reach the airport and receive the US President and his lady at the airport to their hugs which was followed by Wing Commander Pooja Thakur, who became the 1st lady officer in India to proudly lead the Inter-Service Guard of Honour for the POTUS (as he was famously abbreviated), to  his Taj Mahal, Agra visit which was pulled off the last moment and nevertheless his “Senorita, Bade Bade Deshon Mein..You know what I mean?” dialogue re-visit from an epic Hindi Film. But all that stole the limelight during his visit was his chewing gum. Chewing Gum….!!! Yes, you heard,saw and imagined it right. Poor, chewing gum pulled a lot of eyeballs for the day.

Now, to another topic which off-late which has grabbed many eyeballs (to which its organizers honestly gave just balls), AIB Roast/Knockout. First of all, their name itself says All India Bakchod, which off course meant that in slang, “its gonna be one helluva nonsensical show where F & B abbreviation would be given a new twist”. But when over 40,000 (that’s what they claim) people were a witness to it plus the 11 people on the stage shot for it couple of days before then they laughed it away to glory but as its video begun to surface on YouTube and other social networking sites then our dear politicians were least worried about our potholes but more worried about the shit-holes on the show and decided to turned moral policemen and vowed to take severe action against every person who was a part of this show.

The state of affairs is now so pathetic that all that remains in most minds now is this question which is still unanswered, “Show me how many caves we face?”

Any answers with some sense of logical reasoning and some sense of responsibility and also having visited our Constitutional pages for once in their bloody lifetime would be appreciated.



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