Wandering in Thoughts

Wanderer who is madly in love,

what are you looking for?

Asking people in length and breath,

where the one you looking for resides.

You roam the streets, from one end to another,

You Smile, You Weep,

You urge every passerby,

Hiding the pain behind your smile,

That you belong to the whole world,

Yet you have none to hold,

The colours of rainbow,

which converges in that eye.

That voice is so pure,

Just the bird’s cry.

That walk in the fiery sun,

But shadows that shield the person,

Through every dark cloud you try,

To find the bright fair moonlight,

Also heard a gentle lilt,

In the soundless stir of wind.

Tell all those looking on,

That your love stays close by,

Your gaze deceives itself,

Never pause on your way,

Her aroma is wrapped round the soul,

You still wear it with all awareness,

The one you looking for so desperately,

Will come to you someday..Keep faith..


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