A Class Movie Scene,

Which follows a same Routine,

Acting through Life,

Running through the edge of a Knife.

Just Like a class movie scene,

Performing Along,

Scripting it Life Long,

Free to Imagine.

Moving through a class movie scene,

Riding on Rules,

Reading the required Clues.

Moving through a class movie scene,

Thoughts breezing free,

Like on a wisdom tree,

Getting all the Expressions Right,

Be it in Happiness,Sadness or Fright,

Keeping your performance Bright,

Which would propel you to the Limelight.

Blazing your face on Fire,

Through your emotions in your mental Tyre,

All the question that remains on our Mind,

Not until the thoughts are Grind,

When you finally become the watchable Factor,

That’s when your audience consider you finally as an



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