Loneliness is… The empty feeling that comes from within

Loneliness is… The longing to share your thoughts and feelings with someone

Loneliness is… Reaching out for open arms to find none there

Loneliness is… Standing in a crowded room, but feeling alone

Loneliness is… Picking up a phone, but having no one to call

Loneliness is… Knowing there is no one thinking of you

Depression is… Feeling alone

Depression is… Knowing this will never change

Depression is… Knowing your best isn’t good enough

Depression is… Knowing nothing you do matters

Depression is… Realizing your best days are gone

Depression is… Looking forward to the end

Depression is… Knowing no one really cares that you are looking forward to the end.

But what remains to be seen is if this end could be the NEW BEGINNING!!!


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