One morning, around a bend in the road,

I interrupted the life’s journey and said

Reach out to me, look me in the eyes

And talk to me….

    Each day for me to live,

I am given a morning,

And when an evening swifts past

A new night blossoms,

Each day I arrive at the morning,

And Each day I begin a fresh journey…

   And amidst those thousand faces,

There definitely is a face that resembles mine.

Our eyes are of the same color,

Our nose and ears shape the same too,

And taken aback was I, when our voices also matched…

{And Life responded to me in its impeccable style:}

    If truth be told, YOU and I,

Are each other’s twin,

You are my dusk

But I shall always remain your dawn,

Showering the new light everyday and make you feel bright….


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