Come again, Oh visiting cloud,

And I shall embellish your wings with pearls,

Make the pond full of water, it is by its shore that I will meet you

I beseech you, in the name of God!


  I know that you have to depart come the season;

But would you promise to return as well?

I intend to ask the God if you love me the way I do

Come by the narrow bridge, and it is here that I will meet you!


  If you promise to stay longer;

I shall bedeck the terrace with frills and lights

I shall put amulets around your neck and mark you

When you come to touch my garden, it is by the Gulmohar tree that I will meet you!!



2 thoughts on “I WILL MEET YOU!!!

  1. This is the best you have written so far…the words mean more than they convey. I’m sure so is the feeling of other girls reading this and thinking these words apply to them. 😉 You know what I mean. Anyway this an insanely beautiful piece. Looking forward for more, exclusive ones.

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