Yoga and Political Yog Circus

According to Jyotisha (Hindu Astrology), Yoga emphasized on one planet, sign or house which is related to another of the same kind or different kind with the way of its placement, aspect or conjunction. It is the active consideration of planetary yogas and the active consideration of the planetary Dashas i.e. directional effects, which are the two most important factors that distinguish Hindu astrology from Western astrology.

In Indian astrology there are many types of Yoga. Yog and Yoga are different. Yoga certainly are specific planetary combinations in a chart. It is observed that these yogas affect the life of an individual by giving some sort of results, positive or negative. Yogas possess the exclusive characteristics of our Indian Astrology.

Though there are thousands of yogas in Indian Astrology, but we commonly use about 484 types of yoga. Some of these are important and are studied commonly by Astrologers for horoscope analyzing purposes. Now come to Indian political Yog. Following are some of the famous Yog in Indian political scenarios.

1. Raj Yog (Caesar Yog)

Shri Narendra Modi – Prime Minister of India (Designated on a World Tour more than a Rockstar).

2. Hath Yog (Obstinacy Yog)

Shri Lal Krishna Advani – Dreaming Prime Minister of India (Forever).

3.Noutanki Yog(Drama Yog)

Shri Arvind Kejriwal – Day dreaming Prime Minister of India and currently (Acting) Chief Minister of Delhi.

4. PraYog (Experiment Yog )

Shri Third Front – Experimenting to be Prime Ministers of India (without a proper single leader).

5. Baal Yog (Child Yog)

Shri Rahul Gandhi – Impossible Prime Minister of India. (and inactive Child Rights Activist)

6. Moun Yog (Silent Yog)

Shri Manmohan Singh – Ex. and Silent Prime Minister of India. (Ek Tha Asardar)

PS: All above mentioned names and characters are to be taken in good humor and bear no resemblance to people living, dead or purely in a state of coma.


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