Diamonds and Pearls in Life

They brought me diamonds and pearls
I said I don’t want them
I don’t want anything but
In these eyes of mine

Ah! The eagerness of those eyes
Sparked the fire and lit it
I looked around to speak
I looked around to complain
But I gain nothing

Burning the midnight oil in my eyes
Those eyes sleep at night
Confused my soul has left me from seeing too much torment
As I ask the destiny to take my hand & fly away with me

Wandering in those black eyes
I forgot my words
And I’ve promised a rugged heart forever
Leaning in the night
Complaining to myself about what’s wrong with me

How can I tell anyone I’ve failed again?
Those eyes bid me farewell for good and walk away
There is something precious in those hands
Swear by God! It’s precious
Everything in me

My soul, my soul, my soul is right there
I can’t forget this LIFE of un-erased past, mysterious future but a determined Present…


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