A Walk Along the Tide Pools of Friendship!!

I took a walk among the tide pools,

The crystal clear waters contrasted

By the porous rock with a black lava,

I scan for the wildlife of the sea.


The rocks have soothed

Over the years from the waves

The starfishes and the seagulls

Have made this their address.


I caught a few muscles and put them in a sack

Made from the recycled old clothes

When I heard it again

The cries of a child began to linger.


I heard something I couldn’t

Quite pay my ears to

It soon disappeared and the sounds

No longer echo from the walls of the cove.


I inched closer, she shelters behind the shadows

In a white shear sundress, wet and filthy

She has knelt down and has her arms

Wrapped around her legs pulling to her chest.


I am not sure how long I stood there looking at her

Then I coughed and startled her

Without a warning she jumped up and ran to me

Fainted in my arms and we headed back home.



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