I am starting to live my life,
I am dancing my crazy dance!


I am singing my favorite song like no one is listening
I am shouting to Rock songs like its how I am meant to
I am moshing with no one else around


Join me
Love Life
DANCE that crazy dance,
SING that song out loud
Shout to that Rock song
Mosh like your in a pit


Live Life
Love Life!!!



Don’t Forget to Smile, ALWAYS!!!

A Smile costs nothing, but gives much in return
It enriches those who receive, without making poorer of those who give

It takes but a moment, but the memory of it sometimes lasts forever
None is so rich or mighty that he can get along without it,
And none is so poor, but that he can be made rich by it


A Smile creates happiness in the home, fosters good will in business,
And is the receipt of friendship
It brings rest to the weary, cheer to the discouraged, sunshine to the sad,
And it is nature’s best antidote for trouble.

Yet it cannot be bought, begged, borrowed, or stolen,
for it is something that is of no value to anyone, until it is given away
Some people are too tired to give you a smile;
Give them one of yours, as none needs a smile so much as he who has no more to give.


Always remember its more important to spread the smile
As it is important to breathe a smile in your lives.

And as I am about to conclude this piece,
All I can say is “Don’t forget to smile”



As my eyes opened
I looked to the sky
The birds were singing and whistling by
My heart got thirst to fly

I stretched my hands
And as my pair of legs lands
I got out of the bed
And forced myself to go ahead

I walked out of my room
And saw a hand with a broom
When I looked up
I asked my maid “WHAT’S UP?”

My maid was in anger
She couldn’t understand my verbatim any longer
My maid was like in battle
And played with words like a scrabble.

It was the slang verbatim in increasing number
Which I shall always REMEMBER….

A Walk Along the Tide Pools of Friendship!!

I took a walk among the tide pools,

The crystal clear waters contrasted

By the porous rock with a black lava,

I scan for the wildlife of the sea.


The rocks have soothed

Over the years from the waves

The starfishes and the seagulls

Have made this their address.


I caught a few muscles and put them in a sack

Made from the recycled old clothes

When I heard it again

The cries of a child began to linger.


I heard something I couldn’t

Quite pay my ears to

It soon disappeared and the sounds

No longer echo from the walls of the cove.


I inched closer, she shelters behind the shadows

In a white shear sundress, wet and filthy

She has knelt down and has her arms

Wrapped around her legs pulling to her chest.


I am not sure how long I stood there looking at her

Then I coughed and startled her

Without a warning she jumped up and ran to me

Fainted in my arms and we headed back home.


Indian Summer Dreams

A soft veil dims the tender skies,

And half conceals from pensive eyes

The bronzing tokens of the fall;

A calmness broods upon the hills

And summer’s parting dream distills

A silence of mourning over all.

The stacks of corn, in brown array,

Stand waiting through a placid day,

Like tattered wigwams on the plain

The tribes that find a shelter there,

Are phantom people, form of air,

And ghosts of vanished joy and pain.


At evening when the crimson crest,

Of sunset past down the West,

I hear the whispering host returning,

On far-off fields, by elm and oak,

I see the lights, I smell the smoke,

The camp-fires of the past are burning.




Lets Munch Some Chocolates Today!

Chocolate comes in different sizes,
Flavor and shape, no matter
What they look like, the most
Important thing is that perfect
Satisfaction Í get when eating
Them, can’t wait to get a Bite..

Gorgeous chocolate in gorgeous you,
And gorgeous are the things you do,
But the loveliest is the friendship of the two,
One is Me and Other is you..

Image result for chocolate munching

Another blessed flavor,
Dark creamy crime,
Makes the kids disappear
So you can unwind.

By the way, say great minds,
That munching chocolates enhances your intelligence,
This couldn’t be a much better way to find an excuse,
Off course, to munch on some chocolates today!



Back to the Board

I brought some verses on the page,

The metaphors lacked originality,

The words have become pale and sensitive,

The measure was just not right.


Words criticized my lack of taste,

In writing such a mess,

The verses summed only four,

However, she could do with less.


Now I have found another page,

Who doesn’t criticize,

My poetry, but sets remarks,

About my taste in ties.


Until I find a perfect page,

Which will appreciate,

My vivid sterling qualities,

I shall live without a PAGE.